401(k) Planning


Since inception, Novus Advisors has focused on bringing innovative solutions to the retirement plan space.  We offer the following retirement plan services:

Total Fiduciary Outsourcing

For many businesses, offering a retirement plan can be costly and complicated. Total Fiduciary Outsourcing offers a simple solution. With custom features, comprehensive services, investment support and most importantly, a sound fiduciary process, our Total Fiduciary Outsourcing solution makes it easy and less burdensome to offer your employees a quality retirement plan.

Investment Fiduciary Outsourcing

  • 3(38) Investment Fiduciary

Under this option, the plan sponsor is able to outsource plan investment fiduciary liability completely. Novus Advisors assumes responsibility for the management and monitoring of plan assets. This is the most comprehensive approach to investment fiduciary outsourcing.

  • 3(21) Investment Co-Fiduciary

This option provides shared fiduciary liability between the plan sponsor and Novus Advisors for plan investments. Novus Advisors recommends the selection and replacement of plan investment options, but the plan sponsor must approve changes. This option is best suited for plan sponsors that are comfortable assuming investment fiduciary liability.