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Today, there is a great deal of talk about helping employers with investment fiduciary responsibility, yet the talk often falls short of what most employers actually want and need—someone to simply handle it for them. 

There is a simple solution—3(38) investment fiduciary outsourcing. 

Fiduciary outsourcing is the transfer of legal responsibility for a retirement plan to an institutional fiduciary. Under ERISA Section 3(38), a plan sponsor can hire an investment manager to prudently select and monitor plan investments and to make investment decisions, essentially outsourcing liability and responsibility for investment fiduciary responsibilities to an outside party. 

Novus Advisors 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Outsourcing Advantage makes it possible to offload the investment fiduciary responsibilities associated with running a retirement plan. Novus Advisors offers independent 3(38) investment fiduciary services for plan sponsors who choose to outsource investment fiduciary responsibility, and shift the burden of investment liability through an outsourced arrangement.